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Special $169 Complete Detail for Cars:

Special $189 Complete Detail for SUV, Mini Van, Crossover or Truck:



Exterior Detail Includes:  Hand wash, remove all tar, grease, grime, clay, buff and hand wax. Blackout wheel wells, steam clean wheel wells and tires, and apply dressing to all vinyl, plastic trim and tires.

Interior Detail Includes Door jams, door panels, seats including seat pockets, carpets, floor mats, glove compartment, dash, instrument cluster, steering wheel, steering column, console, package tray, a/c vents, mirrors and windows inside and out. On fabric seats and carpets an extractor is used to maximize the cleaning process. Leather upholstery is cleaned with leather cleaner followed by leather conditioner.

Engine Steam Clean:  Steaming of the engine, engine compartment and dressing applied.

Complete Details Include All of the Above And the trunk, trunk jams and trunk liners

Mini Detail: Hand wash, hand dry, clean rims, tire dressing, vacuum seats and carpets in vehicle, and exterior windows.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning: Clean and apply conditioner to interior leather seating.

Under Carriage Steam Clean Consists of placing vehicle on racks to steam clean transmission, transfer case, axles, frame and suspension. This is necessary to detect any rust from engine fluid leaks, for car shows & car enthusiast.

Ozone and or Foggers:  Are used to remove and or reduce offensive odors to the interior of the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration: Experienced technicians will restore distorted, dull and hazy headlights by using only professional products designed especially for headlights.

Overspray removal includes: Hand wash and dry, clay bar, buff and hand wax.

NEW! Pure Air Vital Oxide Treatment: EPA approved disinfectant, kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds of application.

  • Disinfectant
    • Kills dangerous, drug-resistant pathogens like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
    • Independently tested and proven to be effective against a wide array of viruses, yeasts, and bacteria, including Norovirus, Legionella pneumophila, and E.coli.
  • Mold and Mildew Prevention
    • Destroys mold and mildew roots and spores on contact
    • Inhibits spore germination for up to seven months, even in the most saturated areas
  • Odor Elimination
    • Attacks the source of odor-causing microbials and destroys them at the molecular level
    • Eliminates odors without masking them
  • Safe For You and the Environment
    • Thoroughly tested and EPA approved
    • The ClO2 compound in Vital Oxide has been used to purify drinking water for decades




Complete Detail for Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers & Minivans $275.00 and up
Complete Detail for Cars $250.00 and up
Mini Detail $75.00
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning $50.00 and up
Exterior Only $150.00
Interior Only $150.00
Engine Steam Clean $75.00
Under Carriage Steam Clean $150.00
Ozone/Fogger $75.00
Headlight Restoration (pair) $100.00
Overspray Removal $150.00 and up
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Pure Air Vital Oxide Treatment $160.00 and up

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    "My name is Dave Long, I'm a service director at a major car dealership in Tucson. I've been in the business 18 years. About 10 of them I have known Mike Moreno, he is the owner/operator of Cool Detail. Mike is a straight up guy and that's how he runs his detail shop. Cool Detail has detailed new and used cars for several dealerships in the tucson area, including mine. Most local car dealers require perfection from our outside vender's, to provide excellence to our customers. Cool Detail has always exceeded my expectations and others I know in our business. You wont go wrong having cool detail, detail your car, or your businesses vehicles. They have a way of making a used vehicle feel and look like a new one. Just don't take my word for it,give them a shot and you will be sold on them just as I have."

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